Why I decided to #Getsocial

Often times friends, clients, family and acquaintances ask me… “Steve, what is #getsocial all about?”

This left me thinking… where did it come from?

Well, it started long before I became a realtor. When I turned 19 I had aspirations to get into residential real estate. It took several years of me to going through the motions of life prior to taking the deep dive into my real estate career.

During those years.. I remember myself thinking there was a huge void on social media of realtors properly marketing themsevles. I didn’t see anyone doing it “right”, or at least as I would have done it.

The city of Toronto is one which is so diverse that there is a never-ending supply of content to produce. Every week a new restaurant opens, a street festival takes place or there is a new development proposed. The city is evolving at a rapid pace, producing endless amount of potential content. Nevermind the real estate market… its extremely volatile and changes on a week by week basis.

Every 2 km you go in the city, the vibe completely changes. Many people do not spend time in Leslieville, The Junction, Yorkville or Parkdale as they seem a world of traffic apart. My goal is to bring light to the city of Toronto by emphasizing the various neighbourhood anchor establishments.
There is never a lack of content… When you’re in the middle of a forest its not hard finding wood to start a fire.

In Toronto, we pay for neighbourhoods, not just homes. When I post a listing on my social media I often times highlight the best restaurant next door, or the finest coffee shop in proximity.

Real estate in Toronto is more than just property… the property is really the last factor to consider.

So, if you’re ever wondering why I decided to #getsocial there you have it.. I #getsocial to provide a picture of behind the scenes real estate which the average home buyer or seller would not have the ability to capture.