The Power of Ink!

When I think about writing blogs and trying to get a message across… I try to do so in a more broad way, rather than make it narrowly only about real estate…

I feel as though there is a new day upon us when it comes to businesses and marketing.. Every type of business and person now has a digital footprint. This can either be the best tool on earth, or the worst…

When Im looking for sayyyy…. well, anything! I go online and type what I am looking for into Google. Quickly I get 30 options of companies or individuals who have what Im searching for. So what separates the good from the bad?… well, except how high up a business ranks in SEO.

One word.. Testimonials!

First I click on testimonials/reviews/recommendations/edorsements/blurb…. Whatever you want to call it, these are words from past clients and customers which hold validity on how their EXPERIENCE was…

Fortunately, I work in an industry where my hard work and dedication to the client EXPERIENCE can be rewarded with a 5 star testimonial…. But what about the employee who works their ass off day in day out for a big company? Of course, they are a contributing piston to the engine of the company they work for… and if they believe in the companies vision, then the companies reviews will mean the world to that employee…. but imagine if employee’s of a company were able to leave reviews and testimonials for eachother in a public mannor. Dont you think that individuals accountability factor would be greater?

I say this because when I think of a client relationship, or any business relationship for that matter… I work for the testimonial… Not the commission cheque.

The second I meet a buyer or seller, I imagine them at their computer a couple of weeks after their real estate transaction closes… opening up my email requesting a testimonial! I imagine what their gut feeling is telling them as they have a running flashback of the EXPERIENCE I provided during our time together, and how pleased they are with the final outcome.

Thats a beautiful moment to me… When the thoughts run through their head at lightning speed, and they say… You know what, that was a kickass client EXPERIENCE Steve provided me/us with… and I’ll happily write a PUBLIC testimonial. I emphasize the word PUBLIC because thats what it is… You are putting yourself out into the Testimonial Economy and if your word is your bond… This is a binding testimonial! People will be able to see your name and you are held accountable for your words.

After seeing the benefits the Testimonial Economy has had on me as a person and the way I conduct my business… I truly wish it was used it every profession. The power of accountability is remarkable and its something which makes you question every move you make when working with your customer.

Im happy to have accumulated over 50 client reviews, all of which are 5 Star and this is something I couldn’t be more proud of… I look forward to keeping the 5 star streak alive and I continute to envision every client I meet…. sitting down at their computer and opening my “Tetimonial Request” email. That moment of them saying HECK YEAH Im going to write Steve the best review in the world… Thats what I live and work so hard for! I’ve also been pretty fortunate to work with some amazing clients where I literally want to write them a testimonial as well!! Hmm…. Any App developers reading this???? You’re welcome!

Check out my testimonials HERE … I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried! 😀