I personally spend a lot of time in coffee shops.. Im actually writing this blog in one right now!

Current Location: The Common in Bloorcourt

My love for coffee shops began when I was about 21. It was uncommon amongst my friends to really spend an entire day inside of a coffee shop either reading blogs/books, studying, watching vlogs or just brainstorming my “one day conquer” in real estate. I’m a big people watcher and I grew to appreciate the simplicity in the way people socialize and enjoy time by themselves in coffee shops. Watching a couple enjoy the day in a coffee shop reading a book or writing a paper is something thats really interesting to me, as I see

Ever since I moved to Toronto at age 21 I felt as though the city had these underground worlds (coffee shops) where one could really dive into their creativity differently than they would be able to in an office or at home. During my work week I make sure that I work from a new coffee shop at least once a week. I think its important to keep your mind creative and I truly believe the atmosphere of Toronto coffee shops allows me to do so. So, I would suggest the same for you!

Im going to name a few of my personal favourite coffee shops and why… and through the trial and error of my caffeine addiction I hope you are able to benefit! 😀

Please note, this is in no specific order as when it comes to caffeine they are all my friend!

Jimmys on Ossington… Jimmy’s has several locations throughout the city although Ossington is a unique space. First of all it is located a few stores north of Queen and Ossington which is a fantastic location.. Second of all its a quaint space with a rewind into the past decor which is extremely cozy. They have hardtop tables for you to socialize at if you wish to do so, but what I like about this location is that they also have very comfortable cushioned chairs for you to lay back with if you have a good book and want some alone time. The real reason why I enjoy Jimmy’s on Ossington is because if you’re there to do some work, you’re really able to settle in. You know that feeling you get where you feel bad after your coffee’s been empty for an hour, and you feel obligated to purchase another one? I dont mean the caffeine addiction kicking in, I mean the “buy another coffee or leave” feeling you can get from the employees/owner… Well that doesn’t exist here.. So pop in, have a cortado and bring your reading material because there’s no rush at Jimmy’s on Ossington.

Cherry Bomb on Roncesvalles… Cherry Bomb is a super unique space… Do not come here if you are looking to explore your laptop or iPad as they do NOT have wi-fi. This is a space where you can enjoy some of the cities finest croissants and baked goods along with a great cup of coffee. I personally recommend the spitfire blend! The owner used to be a cyclist and has a unique touch of changing the bike which hangs on the wall in the entrance every so often, its a great touch. The staff is extremely friendly and you literally don’t even have to ask if the baked goods were baked this morning because they were!

Strange Love on Spadina… Strange Love is a really cool space in the middle of the action right on Spadina a few stores north of King St. The thing I like about Strange Love is that the staff is extremely friendly and its a bright open space and a good environment to meet a friend and socialize. I wouldn’t recommend working out of the space as the sitting area can be a little tight in the back. Although I love the shop, I will be completely honest and say that I dislike the renovation they did in terms of eliminating the sitting area at the front entrance. They expanded the behind the counter workspace so the employees are not bumping into each other, which is understandable… Although a big part of why I enjoyed this space so much is because you used to be able to enjoy your coffee and watch the bustling world of Spadina unfold in front of your eyes. All in all , this is a great space to get together with friends and you should check it out!

Ideal Coffee on Sorauren… Ideal on Sorauren is such a unique space. Not only is it exposed brick with a great 1950’s feel, but it also fits in so well with the vibe you get from Sorauren Ave. in Roncesvalles Village. Ideals got a charming patio in the front of the shop which allows you to go outside on a nice day and enjoy the charm of Sorauren as you enjoy your great cup of coffee/espresso or whatever your poison may be. The real sticking point about this Ideal Coffee location is the fact that it acts as a bakery as well. You will find fantastic freshly baked bread here along with out of this world sandwiches for your mid-day snack. Everything considered this is in the running for my top shop!

Tango Palace in Leslieville… When you have a paper due the next day or just need to work a little later in the evening…. Tango Palace is my go to! What other coffee shops do you know in Toronto that are open until 11pm!! Yes, 11pm! I mean, if you’re consuming coffee at 11 pm you likely have a problem, but I can relate! I’ve spent many late nights here as its a calming atmosphere in prime Leslieville which is quiet, comfy and has great coffee. They also have a fantastic old espresso maker which you’ll need to see in person to really appreciate!

Ok all, that’s a quick 5 coffee shops that I think you should check out! I’ll keep them coming from time to time to make sure to check back to this blog section regularly as Im going to really start to dive into location shops and restaurants with reviews.