My April 2018 de-compress….

You know its April in Toronto when the weather snaps from snow… to + 16 degrees celcius and rain…


Now that we know what the weather is.. Here is my spring market de-compress!

It feels as though we’ve been in the spring market for quite some time now… as February and March were a little more aggressive than recent years (with the exception of 2017).

So where do we currently stand?

We stand in the midst of a confused marketplace…

The media is broadcasting a market slump city wide… which just isnt the case.

The reality is… prices on a year over year basis are still down (on average). Alrthough the average sale price (month over month) in Toronto has risen the past 3 months… meaning, we are now out of the bottom.

If you are waiting for prices to further decline… you may be waiting yourself out of the market.

Im watching sale prices and they are continuing to rise.

As I run open houses on my listings… I have excessive amounts of peoiple through the door, and they are all looking for quality inventory!

Meaning, we are in a inventory shortage scenario.

Im also finding a lot of clients and agents are simply fed up with un-ethical behaviour by sales representatives and brokers..

Simply put…. Im noticing a touch of professionalism and courtesy in the marketplace are going that extra mile.

I had helped a client purchase a property a couple of weeks ago.. and I am confident we got the property, simply because I approached the multiple offer scenario in a professional mannor.

I included a note from my clients with their picture… and formulated my own break down on the couple I was working with and the future they envision in the property.

The experienced agent literally told me “I can tell the quality of a buyer through the quality of their agent.”

In a marketplace where deals may not be closing and appraisals may come in low (making the buyer cover the difference in cash)… You’ll want to make sure your sales rep is representing you properly. EVEN if its not me 😀

So… now more than ever you need a professional on your side to guide you through our confused marketplace.

Why not make it me?! hah.

Contact me anytime for a deeper analysis on the marketplace.

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Over, and out…