A new study released earlier this week indicates that Torontonians spend more time commuting than any other city in the world.. with the exception of the traffic clogged capital of Columbia, Bogota.

This study was based on several factors. A few of which are…

All of these should not come as a surprise as every Torontonian knows that going from the East End to the West End can be a nightmare.. and vice-versa.

With so many neighbourhoods now developing at an alarming pace… this leads me to ask the question.

“Is traffic the driving (no pun intended) factor for neighbourhood development in Toronto?”

We all know that Yorkville, King West and Ossington have some of the best restaurants in the city… but if you are unable to reach them within a 30 minute commute you are likely to find alternative options.

In my mind.. this accounts for all of the incredible spots which are opening up on St. Clair, Gerard East, the Junction Triangle and the list goes on…

Beyond restaurants.. bars, coffee shops, lounges, gyms, local markets.. This is a situation where amenities are appearing in a neighbourhood where they never used to be.

Of course gentrification plays a factor in this..

Although I believe that we are seeing the Toronto separate back into the municipalities prior to the amalgamation of the City of Toronto.

Although Toronto traffic is a major problem we need to figure out… I think its a blessing in disguise for the development of neighbourhoods throughout the city.

What do you think?