How to spot a professional realtor.

Did you know there are approx. 49,000 realtors in Toronto?

Well, if you didn’t… now you do!

So this brings me to an interesting topic… how do you spot a professional in an over-saturated industry?

I’ve found a few ways to spot a professional for afar..

My first reason is how to distinguish an in-experienced agent..

If I have a listing up and an agent calls me for absolutely no reason except to chat… I can tell they are inexperienced. At no point and time do I field calls from reputable realtors which are pointless. Time is of the essence in this industry and I cannot waste my time aimlessly having conversations about a property I have not even shown yet.

My time and focus needs to be on my clients and the market…

I understand realtors must work together but it tarnishes your name in the industry when you act in an inappropriate mannor.

Here is how you spot a PRO…

This is one way I can tell a realtor is a professional right away…

If I have a listing up and I received 6 offers on offer night… 5 people have to lose. Thats the way it is, I wish it was different! But its not…

Of those 5 people who lost.. you are bound to get different reactions from each.

3 of them are likely going to blame you and say that you should of leaned their way… becasue, well they are special! But they are not.. this industry is dollars and cents and the best offer wins in multiples..

The sign of an absolute PRO is the person who loses says “thank you” and onward they go to the next property for their clients.

Handling a loss where you clients are emotionally invested… and you are also invested in regards to your time, efforts and hoping you earn a commission cheque, is very important!

When you take the loss on the chin.. it allows you the opportunity to continue forward with an optimistic mind-state which will rub off on your clients.

Losing is not losing if you remain dedicated…

Losing is a lesson learned.

So, if you’re navigating the market with your agent and you lose on offer night… keep an eye on how your agent reacts.

Emotions can rise… you need someone level headed looking out for your best interests.