As a full-time realtor, I work with a wide variety of clients that are looking for different things. I find there are two different types of real estate purchasers…

The type that love the dense, busy, urban core… and the type that want to be close enough to the city, but want a backyard and that rural neighbourhood feel! Landing in the middle of those two worlds can be difficult, and extremely expensive in the City of Toronto.

It’s an interesting complex as well, because I often take my clients West towards Mississauga, or East towards Scarborough… and the value add is not as significant as you might imagine! This is a strategy MANY have already picked up on, and its increasing the demand for these nearby suburban pockets, and thus the prices increase….

In an attempt to broaden the options I am able to present to my clients, I’ve reached out to developers in the GTA area and I feel as though Fieldgate Homes is the best builder to present to my clients… Fieldgate has been developing homes for over 60 years and has a fantastic reputation. They use high quality finishes and build communities, not just homes.

You may be more familiar with Fieldgate Urban which is responsible for stunning Toronto developments such as 90 Niagara, Heartwood The Beach, Kenneth and Holmes Urban Townhomes and the UK Condo’s!

Fieldgate Homes is more focused on developing suitable communities located on the edge of the GTA, with functional transit options for commuters.

I’m excited to share the the “Upper Valleylands” located at the southwest corner of Mayfield Rd. and Chinguacousy Rd. Fieldgate is developing a community of freehold towns, semis and single detached homes rather than simply building cookie cutter homes.

The reason why I am so keen on partnering with Fieldgate Homes is because they have strategically picked a location which will cater to young families and the type of clients I have, looking for more space and a backyard… but still being able to enjoy all that downtown has to offer via the Mount Pleasant GO Train Station.

Prices are not finalized yet, but my point of contact in the sales centre has filled me in on the fact that prices for towns and semi’s will be starting from the $500,000 to $600,000 mark. This is with NO maintenance fee… Which means that your value is not suppressed by skyrocketing maintenance fee’s as we see so often Downtown Toronto. The freehold single detached homes will be starting from the $700,000 – $800,000 range and will offer 3/4/5 bedroom options.

The Upper Valleylands will feature 30 acres of green space, 2 ponds, a community parkland, a proposed elementary school and much more. This is exactly what buyers are looking for when they entertain options outside of the City of Toronto.

What I like about this development is that they are providing a diverse set of options to really cater to a vast majority of buyers:

The freehold townhomes (no maintenance fees) will be between 1,541-2,236 SQ FT with 3&4 bedroom designs

The Semi detached homes will be anywhere between 1,173 sq/ft – 2,199 sq/ft with 3 bedroom designs.

The 30′ frontage single detached home will be between 2,052-2,572 SQ FT with 3&4 bedroom designs.

The 38′ frontage single detached home will be between 2,512-3,037 SQ FT with 4&5 bedroom designs.

The 41′ frontage single detached home will be between 2,968-3,306 SQ FT with 4&5 bedroom designs.

You can see from the wide variety of sizes, layouts, number of bedrooms and prices that Fieldgate is not targeting a single type of buyer… which I love! It makes this development so much more diverse, and it will allow the neighbourhood to integrate young and old so well.

Again, the Valleylands cater to the busy Torontonians who are looking for a longer purchase plan than a 2-3 year condo… In the Valleylands you will be able to actually create a 5-10 and possibly even a 20 year plan. This community is set up in a way that you will not have move if you have a child, or a family member move in. These homes are built in a way which allows you to get comfortable and enjoy, without having to do any renovations!

A functional turn-key, high quality options at an affordable price…

If you are interested in staying in the loop with VIP pricing, floor plans and more details… Go to Fieldgate Homes and register to be kept in the loop!

This project will sell out fast and you do not want to be on the outside looking in!