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    Steve Jelenic

    Real estate is not just my career… it’s my passion which has translated into a lifestyle.

    Steve Jelenic

    Chestnut Park - Sales Representative

    Real estate is not just my career, it’s my passion which has translated into a lifestyle. Fortunately, my family landed in Toronto when we first came here from Europe. I still remember being 6 years old in Chinatown on Spadina with my father and feeling the energy flowing through the neighbourhood. It was at that moment that I knew Toronto was a city I would live in for the rest of my life. Buying and selling real estate in one of the most competitive markets in the world, it is not easy. Innovation, dedication, trust, integrity and a “tell it how it is” attitude is the foundation of my business… and something my clients appreciate!

    Mr.Steve Jelenic

    The world of Toronto real estate is one which moves very fast, without notice and into the late hours of the night. The trickiest of deals don’t tend to happen at 3pm on a Tuesday… they occur at 12:37 am early Wednesday morning. This business is 24/7 and the stakes are high. Timelines are tight and market pressures are intense. The reason I outline all of this is to shine a light on how the industry operates. My approach is crafted to counter-act the above noted pressures and stay one step ahead of the game.

    Being a full time licensed Sales Representative with Chestnut Park and Christies International gives me direct access to one of the best (if not the best) management teams in Toronto Real Estate. Our management team is crafted of the cities top Real Estate lawyers who are extremely dedicated and available into the late hours of the night. This is a resource which has proven invaluable for myself and most importantly, my clients. Just simply having an answer is not ok… it needs to be the right answer, and thats what my clients get.

    I understand that knowledge is power…

    Understanding the market is 50% of my job, the other 50% is conveying that knowledge to my clients in a method which is straight forward and easy to comprehend.

    I look at client relationships as a partnership.

    When working with buyers… I spend a significant amount of time educating them on market conditions and getting a deep understanding of their wants and needs. Just finding any home isn’t ok… Im here to assist my clients in finding the right home or investment. Making sure my clients are the best insulated from any type of a market correction is my main focus. This means… guiding my clients to focus on the house within a good school district, or the condo with the forever view and low maintenance fees. These properties will be the most insulated should an inevitable market shift come. I also work dilligently to utilize the relationships I’ve built with other top realtors in the city, to source off-market opportunities for my buyers. Being the first person through the door of a new listing generally gets the buyer the best price. On various occasions.. my clients and I were the first and only people to view a listing, and we purchased for under market value for that exact reason!

    Working with sellers is when my creative juices get to really flow. Crafting a marketing strategy for various property types throughout the city is a fun and engaging experience. We are no longer in a market where just placing a property on MLS with pictures will set a record price. Having the understanding of how to market your property is step 1. Next, is utilizing the contractors I’ve created relationships with over the years… stagers, painters, cleaners and photographer/videographer to capture the property in its best state.

    Exposure is then generated far beyond the MLS system and through digital marketing and paid advertisement. Many people don’t know they are looking for a house.. until it pops up on their screen. Your property needs to be presented perfectly and seen by the masses… this is exactly what we do.

    In 2017, I completed over 50 successful transactions and currently have over 60 separate 5-star testimonials from clients. This is simply because I hold myself extremely accountable. If a client needs me at 6:00 am on Sunday morning, or 11:00 pm Friday night.. Im there. Im always a phone call/text/e-mail/smoke signal away.


    I measure my success by what over 100 5-star reviews had to say about our experience working together.
  • 5 star review  As a first-time home buyer, there were a lot of things I didn't know. Steve was a fantastic realtor to work with because he is extremely knowledgeable about the market. Steve regularly went above and beyond in finding listing on or off the market. He paid close attention to my needs and wants and catered a plethora of great properties for me to see. Being so knowledgeable Steve gave me sound advice on potential properties even raising questions or concerns that I hadn't given thought to. Steve's patience, dedication, knowledge and ability to truly understand what I needed allowed me to find a place that I LOVE. I would highly recommend him. Steve, it was a pleasure working with you, looking forward to the next unit I purchase with you! 10/10 Realtor & Person

    thumb Raj Brar

    5 star review  As a Realtor, I am extremely fortunate to have crossed paths with Steve. Realtors often call one another to seek advice, talk about the market, or compare notes on areas. When I called Steve for this purpose, he was not only willing to take out time from his day to speak with me, he went above and offered me information that truly had an impact on my business. Without a doubt, if you're fortunate enough to have Steve as a Realtor, you're in good hands. Steve, I hope we do business in the future.

    thumb Philip Rouse

    5 star review  Steve didn't waste my time. He kept his promises. It showed he cared about his clients who are my new landlords. Polite, personable, effective. Might call him up for my own real estate needs in the future!

    thumb Paul Hadian

    5 star review  When my wife and I had our first child we decided it was time to leave the condo life and find a place with a little more space. Steve not only helped us sell the condo at top dollar but also found us a home we can spend the rest of our lives in. He was always available and had all the answers we were looking for throughout the full process (which took months). His knowledge of the market was second to none and helped us make educated decisions during this very stressful process. J & T

    thumb Jorge Khouzam Filho

    5 star review  Been through many purchases and sales, and Steve is by far the best agent I’ve dealt with. He is knowledgeable, helpful, trustworthy and overall exactly what you want in an agent. We purchased our home in Toronto virtually from New York and Steve made the process so comfortable and easy for us. Needless to say I would highly recommend him!

    thumb Saira Zia
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